At SJ Geomatics we have many examples of Measured Building Surveys; we have surveyed many buildings over the years and have accumulated skills and expertise within the industry. There are many uses for Measured Building Surveys and some examples of these are;

Floor plans scaled to suit specification and scale

General arrangement  and licensing plans


Basic or detailed internal and external elevations

Street Scenes

Roof plans

SJ Geomatics has state of the art equipment to conduct accurate Building Surveys, which is pivotal in any project. We have worked along many architects and local authorities to produce accurate Measured Building Surveys. The software we use will give incredibly accurate results which are what makes us a trusted company as we offer quality surveys. We have expertise within the business that spans over 20 years, and the Building Surveys conducted are ideal for any project you want to undertake.

Measured Building Surveys

Why choose SJ Geomatics?

Not only do we have valuable experience within the industry, but all of our surveyors are fully qualified to deliver brilliant results along with state of the art technology used. With us you can expect a professional, cost-effective service that will no doubt please you. We make sure to comply with all regulations and understand the legislations within any project.

We offer other services such as Land Surveys, GPS Land Surveys and Underground Service Detection, as well as others to suit you. Whatever your requirements we can ensure our team work closely with you to get the results you want. Are you an architect looking to undertake a project and need a trusted surveyor? Or are you a building company looking to work closely with qualified surveyors? SJ Geomatics are the company for you. If you have any queries regarding Measured Building Surveys then feel free to contact us directly, we are more than happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.


SJ Geomatics are experienced, professional surveyors operating throughout the United Kingdom.

Our services include our ultra accurate Land Surveys and the time/cost effective 3D Laser Scanning Surveys which use cutting edge technology and give incredible results.

Why Would I Want a Survey?

Surveys are used by a number of industries across the world, most commonly the construction, architecture and development industries.

Land surveys give a super accurate map of the land, marking everything from water, elevation changes and rough terrain.

Knowing everything about the land you’re going to develop is great for architects and builders as they can plan and build accordingly to counter any problems that the land will bring up, making land surveys crucial for these industries.

Landscaping Surveys

At SJ Geomatics we do our land surveys a little bit differently to others. Our surveyors undertake high tech 3D laser scanning surveys using the newest hardware and software, bringing a new level to land surveys.

Why Choose SJ Geomatics?

Whatever industry you’re in if you’re looking for a survey we’re at the forefront of survey technology. The team here at SJ Geomatics is professional, experienced and hard working – and they’re always looking to give you the best results possible.


SJ Geomatics are an experienced company who specialise in Measured Building Surveys, Topographical Land Surveys. GPR Underground Detection, 3D Laser Scanning and Setting Out.

A full set of plans is the perfect starting place for any project.  We measured to +/- 3mm ensuring that you are issued with an accurate base for any subsequent design works.

We work for some of the major companies in the industry in all aspects of surveying and have a large number of repeat clients.



If you are looking for a company to take care of all you’re surveying requirements, one that will present you with precise and accurate calculations whilst also offering a reliable and professional service, then you need look no further. SJ Geomatics is a UK Based specialist surveyor company that takes pride in the way that they portray themselves as a company, ensuring that any potential clients that come on board are more than happy with the surveys that are implemented and our all round professional approach.  In addition to our many years of experience and wealth of knowledge, we always aim to offer a cost effective service within a designated timescale.  Our Managing Director, Steve Jones is well known within the survey industry, having worked within the survey world for over twenty years.  He is an extremely well respected and highly regarded surveyor who continues to work to the highest possible level, and this of course reflects on the company.  We are continuously working to achieve more and more as a business and this obviously means we are continuously looking for new business. However, we are proud of the fact that a good core of the business is repeat business from clients who are happy with our approach.  We deal in all aspects of land surveys, building surveys, Landscaping surveys, 3D laser scanning surveys and also everything additional that it entails.  All the equipment that we use is completely state of the art, from our GPS surveys to our land surveys and building surveys.  When it comes to land surveys our team of highly skilled surveyors has worked on many various projects from single house plots, housing developments, schools and also highways to name just a few.  We are also the sole engineers on the largest mushroom farm in Europe!

So for all of your house surveying and building requirements please feel free to contact us at SJ Geomatics.


Building Surveys are undertaken up and down the country and are in high demand for anyone who is interested in selling or buying a property. A surveyor has the job of examining every inch of the property from the loft all the way down to the basement. It is their job to carry out accurate Building Surveys and inform the owner of any possible risks that need be attended to immediately.

The process of buying a house can be stressful and last over a long period of time, and when you are investing a large amount of money into your future home you want to make sure it is in good condition, inside and out. Land Surveys are recommended for the exterior of your property as it focuses on the surrounding area of land and the garden. The surveyor will look at the land in detail to asses any problems that may need to be seen to.

Building and Land Surveys can truly make a difference in the process of buying and selling properties. They are recommended and at SJ Geomatics we specialise in surveys, we use the latest technology and software to get accurate results. The clients that we work for range daily and we have worked along architects to local authorities. We provide a professional service and all of our surveys are carried out to the highest standard.

We specialise in building surveys, landscaping surveys, topographical land surveys; as well as flood risk assessments, highway surveys and many more. If you are looking to sell or buy a property and want to know what the process of a survey is then get in touch with us today. We can send out a qualified surveyor to survey your home if you are looking to sell it or if you are interested in undertaking a project that needs assistance from our team. We aim to work closely with you to achieve quality results that will leave you satisfied.


Measured building surveys are used all over the country by many different industries and are a very important part of the planning process.

Our very experienced set of surveyors will visit your building and use all of our technology and skill to produce maps, floor plans and note changes in elevation and other details about the building. Using our laser and GPS technology we can create 3D visualisations of land surveys and building surveys to help you see what your project could look like on completion, these are called 3D laser scanning surveys.

SJ Geomatics use the latest cutting edge technology including lasers and GPS to ensure that we provide excellent floor plans, building sections and building elevations regardless of the size, shape or age of the building.

Our surveyors will complete the job for you using a great blend of accuracy and speed to produce incredibly accurate, high detail maps, land surveys and measured building surveys. You will not find more accurate results if you tried, we have the most accurate and up to date equipment.

To achieve such incredible results on our building surveys we use a strong combination of 3D Laser Scanning (where available), Tablet PCs, Bluetooth hardware, GPS, and a host of custom CAD software specifically for surveys, on top of the skill of all of our team members led by Steve Jones, the director of SJ Geomatics.

Our team are capable of producing quality results across all of our surveying services including land surveys, building surveys and measured building surveys. For a comprehensive list of the services we offer please visit our website.

For more information and a detailed look at the technology we use here at SJ Geomatics please take a look at our blog where you’ll find previous articles about the machinery and technology we use to undertake surveys.


SJ Geomatics is a surveying company based in East Anglia, we work nationwide offering different surveying services including building surveys, landscaping surveys and measured building surveys.

When is the best time to take out building surveys?

If your building is an old one (around 75 years or older), constructed out of materials such as timber or thatch or has had lots of alterations, for example an extension then you should consider going ahead with a building survey. With this said, building surveys are suitable for any building.

What is the job of our surveyors?

Firstly, an experienced surveyor will check the property thoroughly, examining the structure of the building and looking at everything that is visible or easily accessible. The general condition of the building will be checked and all minor and major faults within the building. You will receive a report once the survey is complete; it will be thorough and very long, but at the same time very easy to follow with lists of the defects, we are legally obliged to inform you of all the findings of the building surveys or landscaping surveys.

Who do we work for?

The types of companies that we work for are:

National Companies

Building Companies

Local Authorities

Facilities Managers

Structural Engineers



Landscape Architects

How long will the survey take?

A full structural survey will normally take much longer than the one or two hours required for the homebuyer’s report. The official report can also take quite a long time to produce, so this is a much longer process than a homebuyer’s report. The report can take up to two weeks after the inspection. The price of the survey depends really on the price of the actual building.

For more information and a detailed look at the technology we use here at SJ Geomatics please take a look at our previous blog posts, or visit our website.